All In A Day's Work (Demo CD)

by Thy Flesh Consumed

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released December 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Thy Flesh Consumed Norwich, UK

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Track Name: Fun With Bath Salts
130mph down the motorway
William loves cars almost as much
As he loves partially cannibalizing young women

He hasn't washed for days and is high on bath salts

Gemma's in the back with both of her ass cheeks chewed off
Her flesh still stuck between his crooked teeth

His mind is racing and he's not making much sense. This is excited delirium.

"I wish Clarkson was here for this" - he screams

Sirens scream behind the car and blue lights flash frantically
the fuzz are right behind.


this deranged freak hasn't even noticed.

Right now the wind is in his hair
and he hasn't a care in the world

Head on he smashes, into a school bus.

Somehow, the assless bitch crawls to safety through a broken window.

- William shouts through a smashed face and flames

Track Name: The Model Train Enthusiast
Johnny is 45
and henpecked since day one
he has always sought solace in his model trains
& classic rock.

He watches proudly as his Hornby R3223
chugs through another tunnel.

That cunt, Sophie smashes his serenity
like an anvil dropped on a champagne glass

she is shouting again
she won't take no for an answer
and she hoovers loudly at
inconvenient times

she wants him to clean the house again
because his previous attempt did not reach
her standards.

"Don't let 'em put you down,
don't let 'em push you 'round"

- Rod Stewart echo's through the radio.

Something snaps.

Inspector Smith finds Sophie, 8 days later,
lying naked with her throat cut
and a toy train with two carriages
pushed up her

"This is the 5th one that we've found like this in a week"
Track Name: All In A Day's Work
It's 9am
Steven's ready, another day at work

He's the eyes and ears of the company

noisily he breaks in through the bathroom window

It's Janine's place
she works in admin and is overweight

"It's ok I'm with the company!" Steven tries to explain.

She won't listen
Steven has an erection
and he's wearing just a shirt and tie

Steve is 100% insane,
he was fired six years ago

and now he's angry
'cause she won't defecate in front of him

he remembers she was a stuck up bitch even years ago

Fuck it

45 minutes to remove her head using
the scissors from on top of the sink

It's a shame she didn't have
time to put her fucking makeup on

He places it on the toilet seat,
she can watch as he
fucks her body anally

Her asshole looked surprisingly small and it grips him tight

He twitches a few drops of semen inside her.
gives her head a cheeky little wink,

It's all in a day's work.
Track Name: Ugly & Horny
Marcus was a tubby white haired tribute to depravity
no sick pleasure was unknown to him
he especially hated pretty girls
because they never had the time of day for him

usually he'd spend his time on the internet
masturbating to porn

and eating pot noodles


he wanted to feel his finger tip against
the asshole of a petite tanned trophy girl
he wanted to flounder his pale mass atop a young lass
and cum inside her

piggy eyes fall upon tonight's choice
hand picked from a quiet street

she is sat
with hands and feet tied
fake tan & sweat
stained the white rope

"You look like a fucking Oompa-Loompa with your fake
makeup and your tan" He was no stranger to kids films

his stubby cock springs free into the night air

"Do you know what this is?"
"It looks like a penis, only smaller" she says

Marcus was visibly hurt, physically shocked by her wit
he felt hot and could not think

He couldn't stop himself from choking her
throat, until her neck broke

Another night spoiled